The IIgs gets some much needed attention

So far, I haven’t done much in replacement parts or add-ons for the IIgs. That changes today! At least, in a small way. More to come.

I’m now taking orders for the IIgs version of the Uthernet II light pipe kit. The kit, which has been recently updated to be slightly less prone to breaking on installation, works the same way in the GS as it does in the IIe, only now with a port cover that matches.

Replacement IIgs port covers in Platinum, black, white and Uthernet.

Replacement IIgs port covers in Platinum, black, white and Uthernet.

As you can see, I’m also playing around with colors for replacement port covers. From the left, Platinum, black and white. Black, white and (not pictured) metallic plastic versions are available in my shop at Platinum ones will have to be painted, and will be for sale shortly.

Bring on the blinky lights!

Were you a very good Apple II user this year? Did Santa Woz bring you an Uthernet II from A2RetroSystems?

Tucked snug inside the case of your Apple IIe, all the lovely blinking lights on the Uthernet II are going to waste. Bring the flashy flashy out into the world, where it belongs. Install a light pipe, to guide those retrotastic modulated photons to a custom made, 3D printed port cover, where you bask in the multi-hued glow of bits traversing the network.

Available now at my Tindie store.

The best Apple mouse ever, now available in USB

The best mouse Apple ever made, converted to USB/optical.

The M0100: Great Apple Mouse or Greatest Apple Mouse?

Whatever your opinion, the blocky, clicky, beige serial mouse that shipped with the original Macintosh and used throughout the ’80s with Macs and the Apple II line of computers was one of Apple’s most popular and prolific peripherals.

Now it works with your modern Mac or PC


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