M0100 Mouse Conversion

The best mouse Apple ever made, converted to USB/optical.

The M0100: Great Apple Mouse or Greatest Apple Mouse?

Whatever your opinion, the blocky, clicky, beige serial mouse that shipped with the original Macintosh and used throughout the '80s with Macs and the Apple II line of computers was one of Apple's most popular and prolific peripherals.

Now it works with your modern Mac or PC

This conversion replaces the internals of an M0100 with an all new board of my design, including 3D printed parts to preserve the original functioning button and cable. A small dongle on the DB9 connector adapts the wiring for USB. All of the original mouse's parts are unmodified, no cutting or soldering is required, so the conversion is 100% reversible.

The conversion is available as a kit for you to modify your own mouse, or a complete package, with a mouse already modified. The kit requires only a Phillips screwdriver to install. Packages will include both the converted mouse and its original internal parts, in case you ever want to reverse the process.

When ordering the kit, be sure to check the underside of your mouse. There are many variations on the M0100 that use the same model number - I even did a whole presentation on it at the 2015 KansasFest - so there are two different kits with different PCBs. The main differentiating feature is the number of screws.


Later mice will have one screw (left) while earlier ones will have two (right)

Later mice will have one screw (left) while earlier ones will have two (right)


Three main variations on the M0100 are available for the complete package:

  • the original beige and brown, which matches the Apple IIe and Macintosh 128k through Plus
  • platinum and grey, which matches the Platinum IIe and later Mac Plus
  • single color "fog", with a sleeker profile made to match the Apple IIc

The three major branches of the M0100 family tree.

The three major branches of the M0100 family tree.


All the converted mice have been cleaned, and most have gone through at least one round of RetroBrite to return them to near-original color. There may be some small scratches and other minor wear, but no cracks or major blemishes.

If you prefer, you can also send me your mouse for conversion, and receive a $20 credit toward the completed kit. Choose the "trade-in" option when ordering, and you will receive shipping instructions and a coupon code. Your mouse does not need to be functional to trade it in, but should at least have its button and cable intact. Unless you specify otherwise, you may not receive your original mouse back.


Buy now on Tindie: $55 complete, $25 kit only

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