Uthernet II Light Pipe

Bring on the Blinky Lights!

The Uthernet II (available from A2RetroSystems) is one of the best selling modern peripherals for the Apple II. On the board are six LEDs to indicate network traffic, speed, and collisions. These are handy for troubleshooting your setup or for diagnosing networking issues, but they're not visible once the case of your Apple II is closed.

Light Pipes

These fiber optic light pipes connect securely to the Uthernet II board with a 3D printed clip, and transmit the light from the LEDs to a port on the back of your Apple II.

There are two versions of the port cover. One is a standard 33mm port cover with just the six light pipes in a line. The second is the indicators in a cluster, with a mount point for a panel mount RJ45 Ethernet cable to fit in a larger port. This cable is available as a $5 add-on.

The fiber optics are approximately 10 inches long, and are flexible enough to be wound around other cards and cables in your IIe to reach an available port.

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Price: $30.00