USB Interface update

I’ve finally found a satisfactory replacement part for the Circuits @ Home USB host board I have been using on my Joystick and Keyboard Interface products. Once I have a batch in hand, I will update the stock on my Tindie site, and they will be available for purchase.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in connecting a USB keyboard or joystick/gamepad to your Apple II, go to and join the waitlist.


Uthernet II Light Pipe Kit replacements

It wasn’t long ago that I released my first foray into fiber optic light pipes for the Uthernet II card.

Since that first batch went out, I have heard from some people that the clip used to secure the fiber optic cables to the Uthernet card are prone to breaking. As a result, I have redesigned the clip to add more strength to the weak points, and to make it easier to install.

Light pipe clip, old version and new.

Light pipe clip, old version and new.

If you ran into trouble installing your kit, or broke the clip in handling, you can now order a replacement clip. The replacement is free for US addresses, and the price of postage for international orders. Contact me for details.