Classic Mac Apple Watch Dock


Apple Watch in Mac charging stand

My first accessory for the (Apple)Watch.

Note: I’m taking pre-orders now. Finished docks will likely ship in late December. I cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas.

The new Apple WatchOS includes a “nightstand mode” that shows the time and date when charging and rotated horizontally. This Macintosh-styled stand holds the magnetic charger in place, so your watch screen is centered in the Mac’s display while it charges. The button and crown are accessible through the top of the stand, for checking the time and setting alarms without having to remove your watch.

The stand will fit either size Apple Watch – 38mm or 42mm – with enough room for even the chunkiest of watch bands (though the Hermes Double Tour and Cuff likely won’t fit).

Pieces are printed on demand at Shapeways, then sanded, polished, painted and finished by hand. To see the process in time-lapse, watch this video on YouTube.

As with my iPod Nano Dock, it comes in a variety of classic Macintosh variations: The Mac 128k/512k/Plus, SE and SE/30. Choose your model and color when ordering.

Taking pre-orders now at my etsy shop.


20151104_131929 IMG_20151112_111841 IMG_20151112_111759 Apple Watch