Speaker/Headphone adapter for Apple II

Connect headphones or external speakers to an Apple II, II plus, IIe, or IIc plus.

This small adapter connects to the speaker pins on the logic board of your Apple II, providing a convenient 1/8 inch (3.5mm) audio jack to connect an external speaker or headphones. The port is also a switch, so that when nothing is plugged in, sound will play through the internal speaker.

Two options are available: Internal and External.

The internal version combines the adapter board and headphone jack into one small package that sits inside your Apple II, II+ or IIe. To connect or disconnect speakers, you will need to open the case and plug a cable into the board.

In the external version, the headphone jack is separate from the board, and is designed to mount through a 1/4'' (6mm) hole drilled in the case or in one of the plastic blanks in the back of the IIe.

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You can see me mumble my way through an announcement of the adapter at KansasFest 2015:


And a how-to video on installing the adapter in an Apple IIc Plus


Price: $8.00