Apple IIgs Raspberry Pi case

This Raspberry Pi case is a 1:3 scale model of the Apple IIgs, originally released in 1986. The case fits the Raspberry Pi 2, and model B-plus, with easy access to the USB and ethernet ports. A right-angle microUSB adapter is included, to provide power. The case measures 113x95x38mm / 4.5x3.75x1.5in (LxWxH)

Each model is printed on demand at then finished, sanded and painted to match the original "Platinum" color.

A Deluxe version is also available, which includes scale models of the IIgs keyboard and ADB mouse that originally shipped with the IIgs. The keyboard and mouse include functioning switches that connect to your Pi's GPIO pins so that, by clicking the mouse or pressing the keyboard's power switch, you can trigger functions on your Pi. This will require some additional software installation on your Pi. Instructions, as well as ideas of functions you can trigger with a button press, can be found here:

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Price: $100.00