Apple Lisa Raspberry Pi Case

This1:4 scale model of the Apple Lisa, originally released in 1983, is a striking case for the Raspberry Pi model B, or Pi 2. Built into the case is a working LCD screen, and one of the "Twiggy" floppy drive slots is a working SD card reader to boot your Pi from.

The case is available in both the original Lisa and the later Lisa 2 (also branded as the Macintosh XL).

Final pieces will be painted in period-accurate beige - the photos on this page are of unpainted prototypes.

Installing your own Pi is fairly easy, and four mounting screws are included. Instructions for this and connecting the screen will be included in the box.

If you prefer, however, you can upgrade your Lisa case to include a Raspberry Pi 2 and a pre-installed SD card already configured for the built-in LCD.


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Price: $225.00