Apple II Raspberry Pi Case

Outfit your Raspberry Pi to match the original hacker's computer, the Apple II.

Each case is 3D printed in SLA (at Shapeways) from 3D models based on my actual Apple II collection. Then, each part is painted to match the original beige, brown or platinum grey - or Black, if you prefer the Bell & Howell model. I also include all the hardware you will need to connect your Pi to power and video - just add Pi.

Note: The keyboard on the case is just for looks. It's not a functioning keyboard.

To complete your setup, of course, you'll need a Disk ][ SD card reader (sold separately). If you want the complete experience, install an Apple II emulator package on your Pi. You can get a ready-to-run set of emulators and files here:

Multiple variations:

  1. Choose the Apple II model: The original ][, the //e or the Platinum //e. Also available in Bell & Howell "Darth Vader" Black. Each is modeled and painted to match the original. The //e model is shown here.
  2. Choose your Raspberry Pi model: Model B with HDMI or Composite (RCA), or the updated Model B+.
    To use the Miniature Monitor II, choose Composite (RCA) or the B+.


  • Apple II case in your choice of model, hand painted to match.
  • Right angle video adapter (RCA or HDMI)
  • Right angle micro USB cable (power)

Does not include:

  • SD Card
  • Video cable
  • Raspberry Pi

For those who have asked, the display in the photos is available here:

Local pickup is available in Raleigh, NC. Please contact me to arrange.

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Price: $115.00

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