USB Mouse Interface for Apple II

Connect a USB mouse to an Apple II or early Macintosh with a 9-pin mouse port.

USB Mouse to 9-pin interface

This adapter allows you to connect a standard USB mouse to an older Apple computer with a 9-pin (pre-ADB) mouse port.

It will work with the following machines:

  • Apple II, II+ or IIe with mouse card
  • Apple III with mouse card
  • Apple IIc or IIc+
  • Macintosh 128k, 512k or Plus


The adapter should work with most USB mice that conform to the HID (Human Interface Device) standard, and don't require any driver on a typical PC or Mac to work. This includes wireless mice that use a small USB dongle.


Since each platform has different timing requirements, the interface firmware has a built-in configuration option. There are (currently) ten "modes" that can be selected. Clicking the right mouse button scrolls through them, one per click.

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Price: $40.00