Apple 9-pin mouse to USB adapter

This adapter will connect any 9-pin Apple mouse to your modern computer via USB.

Built on the Adafruit Trinket Pro, it turns any pre-ADB Apple mouse used on an Apple II, Lisa or early Macintosh into a standard USB mouse compatible with Mac, PC or Linux, with no drivers to install. Apple mouse models this is compatible with include:

  • M0100
  • A9M0050
  • A2M2050
  • A2M4015
  • A2M2070

The firmware on the board includes speed-adaptive acceleration, meaning tracking speed will increase as you move the mouse faster. Small movements are more precise, but you can quickly scroll from one screen to another with a few quick motions. The amount of the acceleration is adjustable with the built-in trim pot.

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Price: $25.00