USB keyboard interface for Apple IIe

Connect a USB keyboard to an Apple //e!

Now works with Apple branded USB keyboards, or other keyboards with built-in hub.


This board will connect a standard, modern USB keyboard to a classic Apple //e, via the //e's logic board keyboard connector. The RetroConnector Keyboard Interface replicates all of the functions of the original keyboard, with the added ability to program (using the Arduino IDE) macros, custom key bindings, and special keyboard layouts not available in the original hardware.


The interface card is built around an Atmel ATMega328 and the USB Host Shield Mini by Circuits@Home, and connects directly to the logic board of the Apple //e. The board is designed to fit in an unused slot on the logic board, though it does not use any of the slot's connections; the //e provides power to the card and USB port through the keyboard connector.

No modifications or software are required on the Apple //e to work with this card.

Note: The current version of the firmware now works properly with a keyboard connected to a USB hub. This includes most Apple USB keyboards (that include additional USB ports).

Use Cases

Use an ergonomic, extended, or specialty keyboard while interacting with the vintage Apple hardware. Resurrect a //e system with a broken or missing keyboard. Add a wireless keyboard to your //e to control it from across the room.

Early Reviews

"Shut up and take my money!" – Ken Gagne, Co-host, the Open Apple podcast

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