USB Joystick Interface for Apple II


This interface board connects to the Apple II "Game Port", and provides a USB interface for connecting a joystick or gamepad controller.


This board, similar to the RetroConnector Keyboard Interface provides USB host support through the Circuits@Home UHS Mini Shield and programmable ATMega microcontroller. The Apple II provides power to the board and USB port through the Game Port.

No modifications or software are required on the Apple II to work with this card.

The Joystick Interface board comes bundled with the cable required to connect to an Apple II, II+, //e or IIgs. To connect to a //c or //c+, choose the option below for the 9-pin adapter.

Use Cases

Retro gaming on the original hardware, without wearing out or breaking your 30 year-old joystick playing all-night sessions of Elite.

Compatible joysticks and gamepads

A short list of USB joysticks and gamepads known to work, and known not to work is maintained in this project's github readme.

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Price: $50.00

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